The Road Movie

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The Road Movie is a film composed entirely of Russian car’s dash cam footage.  If that is not enough to peek your interest check out the trailer.


TRM does at first glance simply seems to be and hour and 7 minutes of dash cam footage.  So why should you watch it?   Why not just go to YouTube and watch the same thing?  Well many people will do just that.  What makes the film interesting by emerging director Dmitrii Kalashnikov is that the clips are curated into an entertaining and informative look into the culture of the people in Russia.  

There are no actors or directors here just a dash cam and the people in the car.  This is better than reality TV because there are no cameramen, lighting or sound people.  We live in a world of fake reality TV that is really just mostly amateur actors performing for a voyeuristic audience.  With TRM we get honest reactions and often humorous responses to crazy incidents on the road way.  TRM is the meeting of the frightful, funny, strange and even bizarre.


One interesting note about faith in TRM is the use of profanity especially the word f$ck with calling on the name of God.    While many will consider this blasphemous and profane it could also be seen as a commentary on the mix of culture and religion in a country where religion has been supposedly “dead” for decades.

TRM while is not a great film, it is an interesting film and could be enjoyed if seen with a crowd at the theater or with a group of friends and a few beers on a Friday night.

2 1/2 out of 5 Stars.


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